Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yaprak ... The Tradition Continues

One of my lil boy's favorite snacks in his packed lunch is yaprak, stuffed vine leaves. The can bought stuff is ok I guess, but obviously nothing like the delicacy I've grown up eating at my Nonna's or Mom's throughout the years. Yaprak, meaning leaf in Turkish, is a traditional dish of the Rhodesli Jews and is similar to the Greek dolmas. This past week, I decided to make the dish - yaprakes de oja de parra kon avos (vine leaves stuffed with meat, rice and fresh herbs and stewed with beans) - for Shabbat. The process itself wasn't so time consuming, and was fun to do it with the wife ... and the result?  Delicious!

The recipe:

Prep time:


Before cooking:

The final product:

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