Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I guess I've got a new fan

A friend of a far bigger blog once told me that you only hit 'the big time' when you get a troll.

Well, it seems like I've finally got a troll for the blog. Now, I've decided not to publish any of his/her comments because they're totally condescending and to be honest, this person is more out to harass than to try and discuss things like an adult.

Well Anonymous (I guess you don't want to reveal your details to everyone here, so I will honor your 'request' and not reveal what I already know), I'm not sure if I 'know' you from my correspondence on other blogs but you're sadly wasting your time. If you want to discuss things like an adult, we can surely try. Otherwise, not much point sir/ma'am.

Have a good one.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today, Tals & I had lunch at our place with Gramps and Renee. I'm not sure how many are fortunate enough to 'wine and dine' (yes, even on leftovers!!!) their grandfather but I really enjoyed the experience, especially as we all celebrated his 85th birthday together. עד 120 שנה!

Before the meal, 85 year old Gramps got to the floor to play with his 6 month old great grandson:

... and just before they left, Nissim gave the 'old man' a kiss: