Sunday, July 17, 2011


I spent last week deep in the Negev on Miluim.

* The July heat in the Negev is something else. When you sit down and can't stop sweating, it's hot!

* As usual, there were some fascinating discussions throughout the 5 days. I think Miluim gives the participants an amazing opportunity - meeting a wide variety of people from every walk of life which you'd normally not be spending any quality time with. Religious vs Secular, Fathers vs the Singles, Employed vs Self-Employed vs unemployed, Righties vs Lefties, Yeshiva Students vs 'Youth Movement' students, Sabras vs Olim - it's just a great melting pot, where everyone is linked by the green suit.

* I think this is the first business trip/miluim where Nissim realized I was gone. One morning, he asked Tals, "Where's Abba? Be'Milulim?, "(Where's Dad? In Miluim?). The additional 'l' cracks me up.

* I was really surprised to see how many people I talked to knew of Rav Chaim Amsalem. His message was very much applauded by those I talked to, and I'm very optimistic about where Am Shalem is heading.

* Every time I meet up with the lads, I'm impressed at the dedication and desire to be in Miluim. Yes, some come as it's a break from reality and a chance to meet 'good friends.' But most come due to a feeling of responsibility. It's reassuring - especially with all the flotillas, bad'law'illas, etc hounding our news streams 24-7. Israel will be ok ...

* I hope the next time I see these lads is next year ... but something tells me, they'll need us sooner unfortunately.

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