Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The last few weeks

After Shavout, the family & I flew out to New York for my sister's wedding. It was a lovely few weeks.

- Tova's wedding was just fantastic. It was a lovely day, and great to see the whole family together for such a happy occasion. Chupa was great, food was great, dancing was fun ... The most fun I've had at a wedding since my own wedding actually!

Below is the video I made for the lovely couple - may they be blessed with many years of happiness and good health:

- At the wedding, Nissim met Emily Dagan, Tante Amelie's (z'l) great grandchild. The kids, named after their departed great grandparents (who were siblings), got along really well. It left Emily's grandmother saying, "I never fully understood the power of naming after relatives until I saw these two together."

-I really enjoyed watching Nissim and Keren interacting with their great grandparents. It gave me such pleasure.

- I had the pleasure of being at Brian & Melissa's celebration of their April wedding. As Talya and I couldn't attend the wedding in Mexico, we were very happy that their scheduled celebration for friends and family in the New York area coincided with our visit. It was great to see Bri so happy. We've known each other for over 11 years now, and have shared many great times together. It's wonderful to see him and Melissa so happy together as hubbie and wife.

- On the way to shul on one Shabbat, someone shouted 'F*cking Jews' as we walked on a street parallel to Weaver Street. Still there ... alive and kicking I see.

- I went fishing with my dad and bro during the trip, and what a night it turned out to be! I caught 3 blues (the 2 I kept are below, while the 3rd I gave to a high school student from Harlem) and enjoyed the experience quite a bit.

Back in Israel now ... reality ...

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