Saturday, September 04, 2010

Three - Zero

So I'm 30 (well, 15 minutes away but still). I was discussing the topic with some friends in miluim this past week, and most of us came to agreement that this is the birthday that essentially ends younghood - it seems that from here on out the responsibilities of adulthood - families, profession, savings, etc. - only grow and grow in importance. Ah yes, one can still act the fool as I often do, but those issues will still be there demanding thought and action. So, why am I bothering to write this? Not sure to be honest. A part of me does actually feel like I'm ending a certain chapter in life, and yet another part has me saying, "Me stop being a kid? Nah, never." When I figure out which 'part' wins in the fight, I'll report back but until then a quick dvar torah:

Pirkei Avot (5:25) comments that the age of thirty is for "entering into full vigor," (בן שלושים לכח). Torah.Org has this to say: "Thirty is for strength. It the age at which a man's strength is at its peak -- both physically and emotionally. At that age, we see our lives ahead of us, and we feel up to its challenges. We can still solve the world's problems -- not to mention our own." Bring on the vigor baby!

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