Thursday, September 02, 2010


So 'peace' talks in Washington are fast approaching. That means trouble, as it always does. Not surprising that the last two days have bought two shooting (1 2) attacks from Hamas militants. I am now curious to see how the PA acts (they did go on 'Arrest a Hamas Militant' spree yesterday) and if Hezbollah join in.


I spent the last three days up North on miluim. I have to say that the Golan is absolutely stunning, during the day and at night. I just wish the Israeli government would put even more of an emphasis on development there, and the Negev too for that matter, so that it would be more attractive to young couples.


Something about putting on the uniform definitely 'warps' you. How else can I explain eating a salami sandwich at 7am? That's not normal! :)


I hope to add a post later today that I wrote for Kaminando y Avlando about my late Nonnou, Nissim Piha. The 10th azkara (yahrzeit) of his passing was this past Tuesday (כא אלול).

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