Monday, April 11, 2011

Thoughts & Pics

Talya started having contractions on Tuesday. Despite growing intensity, they weren't close enough to warrant a return visit to the hospital after the first two visits. By Thursday night however, the contractions were strong enough to get us to the hospital. This time, unlike the previous two times, they took us in. This was it, we're going to have another child. We were excited.


The time in the hospital was surreal - to see Talya dealing with such pain was humbling. I know couples are in this 'together' and that the wife heavily relies on the verbal support of her husband, but let's be honest - this is the woman by herself. Tals was incredible - and to see her holding her child after so many hours of pain and struggle was a moment I'll always cherish.


When the doctor handed over the little princess, she immediately told us, "You best say Ha'Gomel tomorrow." I ignored it at first as a woman is supposed to say Ha'Gomel after every pregnancy. Then she showed me the umbilical cord and I understood. It was knotted - it was a miracle that this complication didn't cause any problems. Pregnancy is an amazing process, but one 'little' glitch and there's often times serious complications. Toda la'el that that one 'glitch' had no effect on our process.


Nissim's first interactions with his sister were precious. He was mesmerized by her at first.

As we changed her, his amazement turned to concern as he asked her, "Mah kara?" ("What happened?").

To try and calm her down, he tried helping his mother push the pacifier into his sister's mouth.

He succeeded and the siblings are happy! So far at least! :)

No name yet. We're still working on it. I guess that will have to wait till the next blog ...

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Look forward to meeting the princess.