Monday, June 01, 2009

This and That

Just a few thoughts ...


On the way to a wedding last week, I just stopped and thought how life changes rather drastically from stage to stage. From being single, to being a part of a young married couple and then to being parents - goals and responsibilities are reprocessed and changed. Before I had a chance to really think about how everything has changed for me since I met Tals almost 3 years ago, the lovely lady and our dear son joined me in the car ... Lucky for you reading this blog might I add! ;)


Waiting in the car for another wedding - yes I know, another one - I saw a cat munching away on some delicacy in a black trash bag. What made me smile as I watched this was the cat taking periodic breaks from his meal to glance upwards at a crow situated some 10 feet up on some phone wires. Sheesh, there you are eating some good leftovers and you're still looking for a filet mignon. When the crow decided to fly off, the cat's glare bid it adieu ... and it returned to its meal. I guess one can dream big sometimes, but no matter the dream's outcome, one should just try to be happy with their lot.


My right ankle has been bothering me the better part of three months - and I finally decided to let an orthopedist look at it. Due to the fracture I sustained some 10 years ago in Uni, I've developed a calcification on the top of my foot - ensuring that every 'kick with the laces' leaves me in quite some pain. So the doc said what I didn't really want to hear, "If you can play with the pain, go on. If not, quit." Quit? Me? "What about surgery?" I asked and he quickly replied, "Not worth it." That left me rather bummed ... I've decided to play on for the time being but if it gets too much, I guess I'll have to stop playing the game I love.


So, the Torah mentions that 600,000 'army age' males left Egypt during the exodus. Quick trivia - In modern history, when were there last 600,000 Jews in Israel? And when were there last 600,000 male Jews?


Last but not least, a song that has been stuck in my head recently. An Israeli classic by Avner Gadassi - apologies in advance for the poor video some lass has created for it


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