Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meeting the (Rich &) Famous

When I was in high school, my family took a trip down to Texas. One of our stop was in San Antonio. We obviously saw the famous Alamo, and when we left, I saw Charles Barkley & Kevin Johnson approaching us. As an avid fan of the NBA, I quickly told my dad but instead of trying to get an autograph, or even saying hello, I walked by them shyly. The first time I meet someone famous (unless we count Knightrider's Kitt) and I freeze. Oh well, I had a good excuse - I was a shy teenager.

Fast forward to today ...

As I sat in the office, the company's receptionist walked in and started inquiring if any of us had a spare parking pass. Behind her, a bearded man stood quietly. As I focused in on him, I said, "Effie Eitam, you're not going to say hello?" The former MK (Member of Parliament) looked a bit startled, but eventually made his way to most of the office, introducing himself and shaking hands. As we chatted about his new role at IDT (Yes, he's our latest employee - some role in the shale oil project), it just seemed funny that here I was chatting to Eitam as if he was an old friend, joking about his old job and Miluim. Chafif, as they say in Israel.

As Eitam left the office, I asked Zak (the owner of the excellent Parasha Thoughts blog) why he didn't look at all interested. "That was really Effie Eitam?," he asked, "I thought he was just someone you knew from upstairs who looked like Eitam!" Ha ... Oh well, I'm sure we'll run into him again and Zak will be able to say hello and make up for his uncharacteristic shyness!

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