Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why are you disappointed?

The Likud primaries were yesterday and despite Bibi's best attempts to bring in 'central' rightists, the Likud's list is a fairly strong right wing one - MKs who opposed Ariel Sharon's disengagement, returning hawks & some newbie hawks, with Moshe Feiglin getting the most press for his rather extreme views. Despite Bibi calling the list "the best possible", one can't help but get the sense he's disappointed by the 'Right Wing' Likud.

Uh, the Likud has never been a 'centrist' party - it was always a right wing party.


The comments this morning from Kadima and Labor officials were exactly as anticipated, with most of them worryingly proclaiming the Likud as an 'extreme' right wing party. Although the Likud does potentially have some very hawkish MKs (like the aforementioned Feiglin), the majority of the party will stand by the same principals the party has stood by for decades.

I find it rather disturbing that our great leaders from Kadima & Labor have times to preach concern and fear of the 'new' Likud. Perhaps Ehud Olmert & Tzippi Livni should find ways to undo the damage of the disengagement, the move they pushed and backed unconditionally? Perhaps Ehud Barak should find a way to protect the residents of Sderot & the Western Negev (if they are important obviously)? Maybe if they weren't so inept at their jobs, and weren't representing corrupt or struggling parties, the latest poll wouldn't be showing the Likud winning 36 seats if the elections were held today.


Uzi Dayan, a politician I've always respected, only finished 42nd on the Likud's list. He'll most likely not be in the Knesset come February '09 but I really liked his statement after the disappointing personal results:

Yesterday the Likud chose a good line-up, which will rule Israel, and I congratulate it. I'm not a conditional Israeli, and not a conditional Likudnik, and I will continue to contribute to the state of Israel and to Israeli society to the best of my ability

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