Saturday, December 13, 2008

The once a year, or maybe more, friend

In Israel, a small percentage of the population have a friend we fondly call the "Once a Year friend." We meet this friend, if we're lucky, twice a year for about 25-30 days a year. Besides those days, we often times don't have any contact whatsoever with this friend. Despite the long periods with no communication, the friendship remains warm and close.

What kind of 'friend' is this?

It's the miluimnik (reservist) friend ... You fight, joke and discuss life with him for those brief 30 days, and then put the friendship on ice until you 'catch up' during the next reserve stint.

Today, I met one of my miluimnik friends on the walk to the Sollys for Shabbat lunch. Daniel, a 37 year old Italian who made aliyah some 19 years ago from Roma, was happy and warm when I recognized him. We chatted briefly, introduced the kids to one another & quickly joked about the 'next' war. Then we were off ... Until the next miluim stint or random meeting on the streets of Jersualem, the new news will just have to wait.

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