Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Burmwelos ... The Tradition Continues

During Hanukkah, Jews will traditionally eat heavily fried foods - be it latkes or donuts (sufganiyot). The reason given for this is to commemorate the miracle of the oil burning for eight days after the successful revolt of the Maccabees (another interesting explanation is that oil is likened to the study of Torah - for more on this, click here). The food that the Jews of Spanish origin ate was burmwelos - fried dough with syrup and cinnamon. Here are the pics of my cooking adventure:

Hanukkah Sameach ... חנוכה שמח

The Recipe:

Making the Syrup (left) while Heating up the Oil (right):

Frying the Burmwelos:

The Finished Product:


giramondo said...

Bendichas manos... they look just right and are soooooo much lighter and nicer than doughnuts in my humble (biased?) opinion.

Chag urim sameach.

Wonderful that you are celebrating Channukah, and the miracle with your own miracle(s), Nissim.

Marcia Israel Weingarten said...

They look wonderful, indeed!

Marcia said...

They DO look wonderful, indeed! Yum!!