Saturday, March 31, 2007

This n' That

A few comments on articles that appeared in the weekend edition of Haaretz:

-Teddy Kollek, Jerusalem's mayor from 1965-1993 who recently passed away, was evidently a spy for the British during the mandate era. Kollek "provided British on a regular basis with intelligence obtained by JA about the Etzel's [the Irgun's] plans, helping the British to crack down on its figthers." Kollek's involvement in 'The Season' needs to be discussed openly, along with others (like David Ben Gurion) who were involved in willingly betraying their Jewish brothers. It still boggles my mind how in a time where Nazi Germany was busy eradicating European Jewry, the Jewish Agency was helping the British hang more Jews.

-Last week, Israel's left was again up in arms over the legal purchase of a house in Hebron by Jews. The two Palestinians who sold the house have both been arrested. It seems that the PA's legal system "
call for a death sentence for anyone found guilty of selling land to Jews." Interesting how this doesn't remotely bother our leftists? A future Judenrein Arab country? Sheesh, Hitler would be proud.

-Another interesting story in this weekend's edition centered around the story of Meir Feinstein (z"l) and Moshe Barazani (z"l), the two Irgun fighters who committed suicide together in Acre Prison rather than be hung by the British. Feinstein had given their British guard, Thomas Henry Goodwin, a bible, where he inscribed, "As you stand guard, before we go to the gallows, accept this bible as a memento and remember that we stood in dignity and marched in dignity. It is better to die with a weapon in hand than to live with hands raised". They asked him to walk away so that the explosion wouldn't hurt him. Goodwin's son will now be returning the bible to Israel. (On another note, Menachem Begin, in his last written words, would ask to be buried next to these two heroes).

Monday night is פסח (Passover). I wish all of you a Chag Sameach and enjoy the matzah and charoset! A cute clip from YouTube in tribute to the festival:

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