Friday, March 16, 2007

I finally agree with Olmert

In yesterday's speech to Kadima Party's governing council, Ehud Olmert finally said something that I can back unequivocally. After the non-stop barrage of lies & flip flops over the last few months, my trust in this government had eroded to absolute nil. However, that didn't stop me from agreeing with Olmert, who correctly claimed last night:

I'm an unpopular prime minister, the polls say so. I think they are right, I am indeed an unpopular prime minister."

Unfortunately, that was not his entire speech. He continued to say:

"Even though some think this is hunting season, I am sorry to disappoint my detractors, but I am here to work. I have no intention of betraying the trust that was given to me, and let there be no mistake: I intend to be working for you for a long time yet."

Well, Olmert does have work to do. He has to write a resignation speech and be prepared to clean out his office and for the sake of this country, I hope that this man's 'long time' is a few weeks or months.

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IsraLuv said...

AMEN! Resign Olmert- the polls tell the fellings of your governing nation and we agree that you need to resign