Wednesday, July 17, 2013

'Ordinary Hero'

I had a few minutes to browse the web during lunch today. While on Facebook, I scrolled down the page of one friend and saw a tribute to a fallen soldier from the Second Lebanon War. I was curious - and clicked play. After a minute, I noticed a face. A few minutes later, I saw it again. This soldier's commander is a friend of mine, a friend I play footy with every week. We laugh and joke, and yet, behind this happy, normal person was a man who led boys to war, and had to say goodbye to one of them.

Before I saw this video, he was already a guy I respected. He just always came off as a good person, a guy who's head and heart were in the right place.

Now, I'll look at him with even more respect. When you've led boys through hell - or in his words, 'a young guy in the wrong place' - and you can still hold yourself the way he does, you are a person deserving of my respect.

I'm proud to live in a country where I feel this is the norm.

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