Friday, May 06, 2011

I know who I'm voting for ...

Our Goal

To promote a unifying and tolerant approach that combines religious observance and tradition with open mindedness, while confronting contemporary challenges in the footsteps of our Sages and their teachings.

Our Objectives

· To promote the unity of the Jewish people through respecting the honor and rights of every individual.
· To strengthen Torah studies by guaranteeing decent and proper financial support for selected competent scholars, while encouraging participation in the workforce and higher education.
· To unify all sectors of Israeli society through equal sharing of the country’s burdens.
· To educate the youth regarding Jewish values and to instill them with a deep recognition and understanding of Jewish and Israeli heritage.
· To improve religious services in Israel while also separating them from the political realm.
· To combat discrimination and social injustice in all sectors of Israeli society without compromise.
· To disseminate the supportive stance of our Sages towards the Land and the State of Israel.
· To solve the conversion problems in the State of Israel and the controversy surrounding the IDF conversions of non-Jewish immigrants from Jewish descent according to the Halacha.

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