Monday, March 22, 2010


Before today's update, here's a pic of Nissim we took yesterday with the one armed 2010 World Cup mascot, Zakumi:

Back to the present ... My cousins (Simone & Francois) took us on a road trip to Gordon's Bay, Betty's Bay & Hermanus, a prime spot to see whales. We picked a gorgeous day for the trip that even had Nissim wearing a hat, something he usually hates to do:

The first pit stop gave us the beautiful view facing Gordon's Bay. Quite magnificent really, but I'll let the pics do the talking:

As we were passing Betty's Bay, I saw a penguin sign and suggested we go check it out. We were not disappointed as we saw a handful of African penguins (while I took quite a few pictures, the below is the best one - Nissim spent a few minutes chatting up the poor penguin as it was trying to sleep) and even a few dassies (Afrikaans for Hyrax), with one trying (& luckily failing) to get intimate with my camera:

When we got to Hermanus, we were hoping to spot a few whales. Unfortunately, as is evident by the Blog's title, we were only watching. A whale never came into the equation ... Well, at least not a 'real' one.

As Nissim was none too happy about this, we decided to lessen the disappointment by giving him a few licks of a Rolo ice cream bar ... Kid was happy, parents were happy, cousins were happy ... A fun day.


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gil said...

Dear Avram and Talya,
Thanks for the lovely pics.
Have a great time in SA.
Chag kasher vesameach.
Much love.
Gil and Ruthie
PS Our slow reply is due to pesach preps.