Saturday, March 20, 2010

Full Circle

My first impressions of Johannesburg's airport were only positive. Helpful and friendly staff eager to help whenever approached. Lots of helpful signs & footballs and well, a clean floor for Nissim to crawl around on:


It was slightly odd to walk around Nonna's apartment again. It's the same place it was some ten years ago when my sister, father & I came for a visit to be at my late Nonnou's tombstone unveiling. I said my good bye to Nonnou Nissim that time - he was a man I respected deeply and loved. This time, I returned with my wife and my Nissim. The cycle continues.

Though I spent so little time living in Cape Town throughout my life, it's the only place I'd call home if I wasn't so attached to Israel. I've missed it. The warmth, the memories ... and the beautiful view.


On Friday morning, I took Talya for a walk on Sea Point's beach front. Talk about memories. We walked by the Pavilion (the pool where I used to fling myself off the 10 meter high diving board), the ice cream shop (where Tova & I used to get caramel dipped vanilla ice cream cones), the playgrounds (which my cousins and I used to frequent, and now Nissim can enjoy too!), the beach (sorry Tov, couldn't find one of those shells we used to go hunting for) and a quick stop at 2 Tobi Lodge on Oliver Road, where my Gramps & late Gran lived. Sheesh ... Life moves on, but at least the memories stay ...


It's been a lot of fun to see Nonna interacting with her great grandson. After a long frown at her when she welcomed us to her building, Nissim warmed up to her and cannot stop saying her name. The best 80th birthday present we could have given her! ... רק בשמחות


It's great to eat delicious chopped herring again (part of the Saturday kiddush offered by the Sefardi synagogue). Not to mention bourekitas and reshikas ... Ahhh Spangole delicacies ... Next on the craving list: Sparletta's Cream Soda!

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giramondo said...

Now I am really beginning to get excited about joining you in Cape Town... the trip is becoming a reality through your eyes...

Roll on Sunday....

Beautiful pics as always and I can just imagine Nissim's frown...