Monday, January 12, 2009

Musings, cont.

Since the war began, I've become active again on the internet defending Israel's position. While I find this hasbara necessary, it is difficult and often time, futile. I've come up against quite a few people who seem to be motivated solely by hatred. This sadly is not an internet phenomenon either - it can be seen in most of these Pro-Gaza rallies, where such terms as Nazis and Holocaust are thrown out to define Israel and her actions. That's why I come away from these discussions mentally exhausted and angry. Israel does, and has done, a lot wrong in her brief history - no one is denying that. Innocent civilians have died here, which is always tragic (It seems to be we're getting Jenin II with the numbers from the Palestinian sources however). But the audacity to compare us to the Nazis? Or our actions to the Holocaust? Have they no shame?

A good article about this can be found here.


Some people are calling this Operation an election stunt. If it is, I hope it's as successful as Begin's 'election stunt' during June, 1981.



Last but not least, a picture to end this blog on a happy note. Here's the latest of my "I've learned that smiling makes my parents happy" son:

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