Friday, May 02, 2008

Grow Up Son

When I finished the army and moved to Jerusalem, there was a joke amongst the Anglo speaking community that once you were ready for a job, you'd be guaranteed one at IDT Global Services (back then, CSM). At the time, CSM was most likely the largest employer of English speakers in Israel. Today, it will still most likely still hold that title even though the company downsized and purged dozens of employees in the past week. For more on the story, click here for Haaretz' story (which was on the front page of the print edition on Wednesday).

Why am I boring you with these details?

Well, I started with IDT Global services back in January 2005 and a lot of the people who were let go this week were friends whom I had 'grown up' with in the business, friends for whom I did reports (while a Reporting Staffer) for, or helped with payroll queries (while I was a Payroll Staffer). Now these same friends who I used to laugh with, eat lunch with and work out with have been let go and a wave of uncertainity has hit those who have survived the culling. It's not the same company I left two weeks ago when I went on vacation - I've come back to a company where I feel like a newbie and I've yet to adjust to the new reality.

This 'adjustment' is the reason for my blog title. This is the reality of the professional world. Employees come and employees go and while drastic downsizing severly hurts the professional environment you once worked in, it is in one's best interest to not let the shock and concern cloud your ability to perform and come to work with the right attitude. Worrying about your friends and being sad is one thing, but it shouldn't interfere with the necessity to continue doing your work at the highest level possible.

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I'm sure you'll do your best no matter where you are, O rising star, you are!