Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kual este el riko el ke se alegra kon su parte

I got home today and I was just down. I couldn't really explain why but I just felt sad and unhappy. The roller coaster of life, the ups and downs, is something every human being goes through. But as I sat down to think about why my mind had chosen this time to start getting all somber, my wife walked in with her infectious smile. Walking into our bedroom, she realized something was up and asked what was wrong. When I told her, "Just one of those moods," she understood and left me alone to hang the laundry. As I walked into the lounge, she offered me a gift ... Instantly, I smiled. The gift itself was lovely, exactly what I needed for my daily combat drills with the Jerusalem cold, but that's not what made me happy.

You see ... There's no real point to this blog. What I'm about to say is obvious beyond belief but sometimes just needs re-stating. I really have no need whatsoever to let these unavoidable moods keep me down (at least not for too long). I have the most amazing, warm, caring & loving wife, and an equally loving caring family. I have a good job, a roof over my head and food on my table every day. In essence, I have everything I need and want. In essence, happiness is the 'wealth' described in Pirkei Avot (Ethics of our Fathers)

Who is wealthy? One who is happy with his portion
Ethics of Our Fathers, 4:1


Happy 30th Anniversary to my dear parents ... What a milestone ... Mazel Tov

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