Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hi, My Name Is ...

I've been working for over a year now as a Pricing Analyst (don't ask what I do, I still don't explain it well!) with IDT Telecom. Despite thousands of e-mails and IMs, I still hadn't met most of the people I converse 'with' in the RoW (Rest of World) team. This past week changed that as many IDTers from countries as diverse as South Africa, Spain & Hong Kong were flown over to London for IDT Europe's Holiday party. It was fun to interact with them and discuss non-business related matters ... and also, it was rather nice to put faces on all these e-mail addresses & AIM names! I really enjoyed the week (always great to see the lil sis too) and think it will serve myself and our team well as we try and attain IDT's goals for the new quarter


Despite not making it to Euro 2008, Israel had a very solid qualifying run. A lot of quality youngsters were introduced and the team tied England with 23 points. That strong finished improved Israel's ranking and allowed us to get an 'easier' draw for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. UEFA's Group B will include Greece (Euro 2004 Champions), Israel, Switzerland (boooo!!!!), Moldova, Latvia & Luxembourg. I think this is the most favorable group we've had in decades and we should manage to qualify from this group. Looking forward to it! Come on Israel!

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