Sunday, May 27, 2007

Getting Back Home

I arrived safely in Israel on Friday after a week long vacation in Scarsdale, New York. Talya & I had gone to spend some more time with my family and friends, and I wanted to show her the world I spent 8.5 years in. This would be the first time we'd be together for a whole week, doing everything together except for computer games obviously and I really enjoyed it.

The engagement party last Sunday was a blast. My mom spent hours making the wonderful ladino foods I had been craving, and with the helping hands of good friends, the event's menu was fantastic. I would have eaten more had I had more time, but the need to socialize with many people who won't be at the wedding took priority. It was nice to catch up obviously, and meet more of Talya's family. Many thanks to my parents for pulling off such a wonderful event.

Other than that, we spent a few hours in Nassau County watching a good friend graduate with a Masters from Adelphi (congrats Mr. Mora), a few hours in New York City acting like tourists and a lot of time with family and friends. Really enjoyed this brief vacation, and look forward to the next one in July! :)

With regards to being back home, Israel is not in a good state right now. Open Rocket Season on Sderot has resulted in the city becoming a ghost town, and to make matter worse, there's been very little action by our pathetic government. The citizens of the South and North cannot be target practice for our terrorist buddies. Just as suicide bombings were once deemed an 'unstoppable' form of warfare against our people until the army & country took steps to control it, I hope there are plans being set in motion to eradicate this form of warfare. On that note, How is Olmert still in power? Earth to the government officials not currently in Kadima, can you please help us?

On Wednesday, I'm off to miluim (army reserves) for a week of duty. Looking forward to seeing the lads. I hope to update the blog when I return b'h.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you made it home! Hope to hear more when you get back from Miluim.