Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Forty Together

Try to imagine a time when a Jew was not allowed to pray at the Western Wall. Difficult, eh? A mere forty years ago while still under Jordanian control, Jerusalem’s holy sites were off limits to the Jews. This all changed after those 6 miraculous days in June, and ever since then, we’ve had the honor and privilege to come and pray near our holiest site. It must have been a special time. A time when Israelis cared more about their nation and their ideology than they did about other needs. A time when our leadership, in white buttoned shirts and khaki pants, acted on behalf of our nation and not the United States’ money. A time when we were proud to stand up and be counted as Jews, and as Israelis. May we have the chance to live in an Israel like that again …

Some rare footage of the reunification of our precious capital:

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