Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Time to Bring him Back Home

To: Dr. Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria

Eli Cohen was tortured, tried and convicted as a Mossad Agent by the Syrian Military Court, without legal representation, despite the intervention and protests of the international community. He was hanged in Syria on May 15, 1965.

For 38 years the Cohen Family has been waiting and suffering, unable to visit Eli's graveside nor pay their last respects, as his body remains imprisoned somewhere within Syria. To this date, no last rites have been performed for Eli Cohen after his death, a right that every human being deserves.

We, the undersigned voices from all nations, without distinction of race or beliefs: religious or secular, beseech you to rectify this tragedy. Return the remains of Eli Cohen to his family in Israel for proper burial. This would be a humanitarian gesture of good will, understanding, and another step towards world peace on behalf of Syria.


Your Name

The creater of this petition, Maurice Cohen (Eli's brother), passed away in his sleep on Saturday Dec. 1, 2006. May his memory be blessed.

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IsraLuv said...

Amen ... and lets not forget the other POW's who died in Syria's hands... bring back their bodies too.