Saturday, December 16, 2006

Only in Israel ...

Last night, I prayed the Shabbat services at the kotel, which is also known as the Western Wall or the Wailing Wall. I haven't prayed there in a long time, and as we were eating at a Rabbi's place nearby, I decided to daven there. I always enjoy praying there. It's a very spiritual & moving experience to open up your heart and your soul near the largest remaining artifact of the Second Temple. However, last night was even more special.

Near the wall itself, a large group of about 60 people were dancing and singing Shabbat Songs and religious Zionist songs. Now I know what you're saying, "What's the big deal?" Well, picture IDF soldiers with their berets on their heads, Haredim (ultra orthodox Jews), Settler youths and what seemed to be an Ethiopian group all dancing together. Despite their obvious differences in religious observance, traditions, dress and look, they all joyfully danced together and welcomed in the Shabbat. I've never seen something like that at the kotel, and to say that I was moved would be quite an understatement. What a kibbuz galuyout (In gathering of the Exiles) to witness. Things like that always give me hope that one day this nation will finally be united ...

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Anonymous said...


you need to go more often! we go "oleh l'regel" for Pesach and Sukkot as well as at least once during the week after Shavuot; I've seen these things and - I'll admit to agreeing with you here - they are actually beautiful!

It doesn't matter what you wear - it's what's underneath that counts! this is the POSITIVE side to what you've been blogging; something the Israeli public should be remineded of every so often. Maybe some of those reporters from national magazines should go to the Kosel and get the same reaction?

One could hope.