Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reb Aryeh, III

Seeing him suffering from infirmities of illness in old age, in those days, there was a man who sought to bolster his spirit by telling him, "Dear Rabbi, you have merited to see what others have no merited to behold. You have seen Jerusalem and its holy places freed from the clutches of a bitter enemy."

"Not I alone have merited to see it," replied Reb Aryeh. "Our entire generation is meritorious - for it has beheld more than the generations before us ever witnessed - even the generation of Moses our Master. All the miracles that were wrought for Moses, and for the generations after him, were unnatural occurrences. The miracles in our generation happen for us in a perfectly 'natural' way...."

This is taken from Simcha Raz's A Tzaddik in our Time.

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