Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ladino Nostalgia

On the way home from shopping a few weeks ago, I heard Guy Zoaretz, a famous Israeli TV personality, and his brother Ro'ee discuss their first CD, Ladino and Hymn from my Father's House (לדינו ופיוט מבית אבא), on Radio Jerusalem.  Once I got home, I called Tals and told her to listen.  Within a few minutes, she called back, "They're performing in Jerusalem in June, do you want to go?"  Who could say no to that?

The concert was yesterday at Beit Avi Chai, and Tals and I had a great time.  There were about 200-250 people singing the famous Ladino romanzas & Sefardi/Mizrachi piyutim along with Zoaretz.  It was emotional for me as there was so much I related too - his attachment to his Nonnas (grandmother), bourkitas, the songs, the beit knesset (synagogue) and his strong desire to ensure all he's learned and heard is passed on to his children.  The only thing this concert was missing was the rest of the family...

After the show ended, the Zoaretz CD was on sale.  "How much does it cost?" I asked.  "40 shekels," the man responded.  "Aren't you their father?" I inquired, and he responded positively.  I smiled, and said, "You and your wife should be very proud; you've managed to pass on the traditions of your families to your sons.  I hope my wife and I are as privileged."  He smiled humbly, "Thank you, it means a lot."

Here are some clips from the show:

La Vida do por el Raki

Avre Tu Puerta Serrada

Et Sha'arei Ratzon

Morenika / Shecharchoret

Li'chvod Chemda'at Levavi


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Unknown said...

Beautiful...made me feel very nostalgic... thanks for posting!