Monday, January 24, 2011

The Pro-Israel Blog-off begins - Round 1

A few weeks ago, I entered my Zionist Football article in a pro-Israel blog competition.

The competition starts today at Israellycool and I'm up against some great blogs in the 1st round. I will be up against Elder of Ziyon and Liberty's Spirit.

Check out the entries, decide who's best, and vote here.

The winner (by fan voting & a panel of 4 judges) will win an iPad, which I wouldn't mind winning ... so if you like my entry, help me out! ;)


Elder of Ziyon said...

You are winning fair and square.

I see I will have to cheat :)

(It is an great article, by the way. I knew I was taking a risk in submitting a cartoon.)

Avram said...

Thanks E - appreciate the kind words ... It's an honor just to have my blog mentioned with yours! Maybe I'll finally hit the 'blog big time'! :)