Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back in London

While waiting for my flight to London on Sunday, I was looking at our plane when I saw none other than Ehud Olmert putting his bag in a shining Audi with his bodyguard watching. I wonder if our former Prime Minister enjoyed the Champions League final he watched in Madrid Saturday night.


So I’m back in London with IDT. I arrived late Sunday night and was rather startled by the English weather. No it wasn’t snow, or hail, or even a rainstorm. It was warm, t-shirt appropriate weather … at 11pm at night!


So I have a friend who was rather surprised that I was going abroad for almost two weeks, leaving my wife and 18 month old son alone. I do understand where he’s coming from. It’s not easy for me or my wife. It does however seem to be a necessary part of any professional’s routine if s/he intends to climb his/her way up the corporate ladder (or in another world, any eligible reservist in Israel who understands the importance of serving the country, and does so). It is something that deprived me of my father for many weeks as I grew up, and Talya of her dad too. I doubt they would have been able to give their families many of the luxuries they provided were it not for these sacrifices. The question in my mind then becomes how can one strike a balance between his commitments to his career and his family so he can satisfy his desires and be happy & satisfied in both fields.

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