Thursday, April 01, 2010

Chol Ha'Moed on Clifton

As it was Chol Ha'Moed for Tals and I already, we decided to take the scenic walk from Sea Point to Clifton's 4th beach for a swim today. The 45 minute walk takes one around Lion's Head and to the beach (see pic below) via the coastal route, where one has a stunning view of the cable car station on top of Table Mountain & the 12 Apostles. The time on the beach was a lot of fun. While I've been to this beach many times in the past, I don't quite remember the water ever being that close to freezing. Didn't stop me from spending time in it however, but boy was it cold ... maybe I'm just getting old. Nissim didn't really want anything to do with the water, but after much convincing from his mother, he started enjoying the sand! Hopefully, when we go to the Indian ocean beaches, he'll take the next step in the 'How to Enjoy the Beach' booklet and actually play in the water too!

While Nissim can say most of our names (Abba, Imma, Nonna, Tova & Nonnou), he's come up with two quite brilliant nicknames for my mom and little brother. My mother is called 'I see' (Due to the game where she covers her eyes and says, "Where's Granny? Where's Granny," and then uncovers her eyes and says, "I see!" ... My little brother is called "Saba" (Grandfather in Hebrew) - No one is quite sure how this came about! Oh well, every time he calls either name out, most of us are laughing ... Ahhh kids.

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