Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thoughts for Rosh Ha'Shanna

I thought I'd share an interesting story from Rav Abraham Twerski's The Enemy Within:

One Succot there was a dearth of etrogim, and there was only one etrog in the entire community. Everyone said the berachah for the etrog, and when the Hallel was recited, the etrog and lulav were given to the Chafetz Chaim that he might perform the traditional waving of the four species. The Chafetz Chaim refused to accept them, since it might arouse envy and resentment among other scholars. "Waving the four species is only a custom. Having envy and resentment is a much more serious Scriptural transgression," (Atareh LaMelech p.123).

The underlying message of the story is strong, and rather necessary in Israel today ... and on that note, I wish everyone:

A peaceful & happy New Year, one filled with health and good blessing.

שנה טובה ומתוקה ... שתזכה לשנים רבות עם הרבה בריאות וברכות טובות

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