Monday, April 27, 2009

Seeing the Day of Night

Talya, Nissim & I spent our Passover vacation in New York with my parents, siblings & Nonna. We all had a lovely time, and I especially enjoyed seeing Nissim interacting with Nonna, Tova, Eitan and Gramps (who had arrived with Renee from Dallas especially to see him). He was certainly spoiled attention wise for those two and a half weeks!

When we returned to Israel, I saw a totally different side of jetlag - Nissim had no clue his nighttime adventuers were occuring during the late hours of the night. From Tuesday night till Friday night, Nissim spent a few hours every night kicking his legs, making funny noises and generally enjoying what he thought was his daytime hours. While it was very funny at times, it did get tiring. However, after much work, Niss managed to get in 8 straight hours of sleep on Saturday night and is thankfully back on a regular sleeping schedule.


May the memories of the 24,293 fallen soldiers & terror victims (since 1948) be forever blessed


The Iranian Citrus Fruit Conspiracy

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