Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pepitada ... The Tradition Continues

Drying melon pips is a yearly tradition at the Piha US household, and I hadn't seen any since I moved back to Israel ... well, until this year, when I decided it was time to start drying my own pips so I could introduce pepitada to our holiday drink list. Pepitada, which has been the Sephardi drink of choice after fasts even before the expulsion from Spain, means 'made of fruit pips' in Ladino.

The milky looking drink made from crushed (& then soaked) melon pips has long been a staple of my family's dining room table after the Yom Kippur fast and I am honored to be able to continue this tradition with Tals ... And without further waiting, here are a few pics from how the adventure went:

The recipe:

The pips:

The crushed pips in the cheese cloth bag:

Soaking away:

The Drink:

גמר חתימה טובה ולחיים


Marsha said...

Where could I try this? I have never heard of it, and of course it's too late to get it now. Maybe next year,...

Avram said...

Hi Marsha,

Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, unless you have a freind/relative who's got it in his fridge, I don't think there's any other way to try it. It does have a similar taste to Rosetta (the Moroccan almond drink), and that I know is sold in various stores.