Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Check out the Chicken!

Last week, I asked my wife if we could start having a whole chicken for dinner once a week, as I used to have when living at home. Her tactically brilliant reply was, "Sure, go right ahead, I have no problem with that." So, with the ball in my court, I spent a few hours (translation: a few minutes) picking my mom & nonna's brains on how they cooked their birds. After buying the bird last night, tonight was 'Take 1' in the 'Avram learns to cook a whole chicken' show. Well, I'm happy to report that 'Take 1' was a success! Not only was everything edible and tasty for me ... but for my wife also! So ... If you have any recpies you'd like to share, please leave a comment as I look forward to doing this more often ...


giramondo said...

looks yummy... don't know if you used fresh rosemary as a seasoning, but it greatly enhances the flavour. Do you know how to carve the whole bird? I'd be happy to teach you what your Grandpa taught me. Nonna also used to make a great rice based stuffing -- get the recipe.

Anonymous said...

I am truly impressed Avram and absolutely love your wife's tactical response to your initial request :o)

I have a few ideas

1. Chutney chicken - it is great with chicken pieces.
1 cup chutney
1 cup mayo
1 cup water
Mix altogether and pour over the seasoned chicken. The sauce may look a little lumpy but comes out great. Roast in oven

2. Honey and lemon chicken - also great with pieces of chicken.
1 cup boiling water
1/2 cup honey/syrup
1/4 cup lemon juice
75 ml Soya sauce
Mix together and pour over seasoned chicken. To the oven

3. A quick one for whole chickens.
Rub chicken inside and out with mustard and roast. Not hot English mustard...:)

4. Marmite chicken
Same as no.3 It does sound strange but you will be pleasantly surprised. Bovril can be used in stead.

You go Avram - happy cooking!