Wednesday, January 30, 2008

3/8s of a Snow Day!

I can clearly remember the last time I had a snow day. During the winter of 2000, a severe snow storm forced SUNY Binghamton to cancel classes for 2 days. Being a typical college kid, I spent most of the days either playing beer pong or tackle football. Ahhh, the joys of being a 20 year old kid!

Fast forward 7 years later ... I awoke at 5:55am to get ready for sha'charit (morning services) and as I looked outside ... Snow, and for Jerusalem, a lot of it.

After I got back from sha'charit, I told Tals of the whitened ground. She jumped up, checked the window and jumped straight back into bed. Her work day was already over. I was naturally hoping for the same thing. The odds were definitely in my favor as with every snow fall, Jerusalem typically goes into shock and struggles to deal with the weather conditions. So as expected, public transport was not working with these few centimeters and I quickly typed an e-mail to my boss explaining the predicament.

After a couple of hours at home, the snow showers became rain and the bosses in Europe wanted Aaron & I in the office. With the taxi service finally working, we both got to work around 13:15. Our side of the 5th floor was dark. We were the only people on the floor. What a bunch of dedicated friarim!


I need to starting learning Ladino. If anyone knows of a place in Jerusalem that gives lessons, be private or in a classroom setting, please let me know. Thanks in advance

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