Friday, October 19, 2007

The week that was

This past week (Sunday through Thursday), I spent time learning more of my trade in IDT's London office. Unlike the trip I made there last November, this trip was more about continuing to develop myself within IDT's Telecom business. Just like the last time, I enjoyed London's delicious, readily available & copious supply of lamb while continually enjoying the wonderful manners on constant display throughout London. The trip bought back many good memories from the last time I was in London, with one in particular continually playing in my head. It was then my girlfriend (now the wife) met my parents for the first time. She had come over from Switzerland for a few hours to meet my parents, my sister and the extended family ... Besides it being a lovely time, it was there we both basically knew it was game, set and match.

I really had a good time during this 'long' four day trip. It was great to meet up with my cousins (Joc and Simone), and also catch up with some friends from Israel. I also had the pleasure of catching up with a good mate from Carmel College who I hadn't seen since 1994. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, we had re-kindled our friendship and after seeing photos I had posted on the site, he recognized me at a restaurant and we laughed about years gone by with his expecting wife. Besides that, I enjoyed being back in the London office and talking face to face with people I work with on a daily basis.

London's IDT office has many Saffers (An affectionate name for South Africans living in London) and I was always discussing the upcoming Rugby World Cup final (South Africa vs England on Saturday night) with them. I will be watching the game with fellow South Africans, hoping that our Boks bring back the title we last won in 1995.

Come on BOKS!

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