Tuesday, June 05, 2007

12 to 12

Today I received a request from Ahuva after she received the following email from Dudy Stark of Nefesh B'Nefesh:

This coming Shabbat, the Torah portion , Shelach, that recalls the sin of the spies, is read. These were the 12 men that Moshe sent to scout out the Land of Israel before entering. When they returned, their reports were distorted and negative and caused a 40 year delay before the Children of Israel could enter.

Today despite the challenges that come with living in Israel, we are witness to all that is good and special about living here and it is in our ability to tell our family, friends and neighbors abroad what those things are.

Nefesh B'Nefesh is initiating a simple project this week called "12 to 12". We are asking every Oleh to compose a list of 12 great things you appreciate and love about living in Israel and email your message to 12 (or more) friends abroad.

If you send this out to your friends, please CC 12to12@nbn.org.il when you send it out.

Please send out your letter before Friday June 8.

My list of 12 things I love about Israel:

1. The Kotel/Western Wall. No words needed here.
2. The language.
3. HaTikvah. A national anthem that actually speaks to your soul. Now imagine singing it with 40,000 Israelis at sporting events ...
4. The IDF. A proud Jewish army which protects our precious land.
5. The Food. Unparalleled range of foods from every corner of the world. From Ethiopian to Yemenite to Polish to French to Greek to Argentinian, you name it, it's here
6. Golan. The serene greenery of the North just speaks to my heart and soul.
7. Ben Gurion Airport. Strange choice I know ... But I love seeing it when I arrive back home after a vacation. As you walk on the ground which welcomed your aliyah dream years previous, you just smile and think, "home"
8. Israeli national team (Football/Soccer). We may not be the best team around, but I love rooting our boys on.
9. Menachem Begin Heritage Center. No better place to learn about our country's greatest leader than here.
10. Our History. Goes without saying really ...
11. Negev.
12. Our Flag.

So now.... whats your top Twelve reasons for making aliyah?

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IsraLuv said...

ooh i missed the ha-tikvah on mine.... BASA