Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Time for War ...

I'm sure I will write more about this war as it continues. It's been a very trying few weeks for me, my first stint in reserves (I thought about writing about the experience but it seems rather trivial when compared to the current situation) & my first brush as a citizen of a country in war. It is difficult to explain the stress (dealing with friends going to the front, daily IDF incursions into Lebanon and the daily barrages on our Northern cities - 2500+ rockets in the last two weeks) this 'war' has placed on Israelis . That topic however is for another day's blog, for now I'd rather focus on our amazing soldiers. The pride and joy of our nation are now standing up against our most serious test since Operation Defensive Shield in 2002. They won't fail us; they never have, they never will. I would like to share this snippet from a article ... It made me extremly proud to be an Israeli, a reservist and a Jew living in my one & only home:

"It's our turn now. It's our turn to protect the border. And we'll carry out any mission we need to, against any force, in the best way possible. If we don't, we have no right to exist. We will not lose this war. We did not start it, but it's our duty to protect the Jewish nation and see to it that the residents of Metula and Haifa can live in peace. If we don't do it, no one will. We waited 2,000 years for our own state, and we won't fold because a group of terrorists think that they can scare us. Someone who cannot protect his freedom does not deserve it"
Captain Ori Lavie - Golani


giramondo said...

As a teenager during the earlier phases of this war, in 1967 and again in 1973, I clearly remember friends' older siblings heading to Israel to volunteer. It seemed strange that people would leave their safe haven to go to a war zone.

At the beginning of this phase of the war, I had the strongest urge to drop everything I was doing, leave work and head for Israel, and understood what drove those people years ago. At my age I would only be a backfill for the reservists called up to service... doing their civvies job.

Long live Medinat Yisrael! With dedicated passionate people like Ori Lavie, Avram, and others like them, the future of the State is assured... Chazak ve'ematz!

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